Cars and Coffee, Corvette City

Cupcake and I parked in the movie theater parking lot and walked towards the clumps of people at the other end of the aisle. The last weekend in March was comfortably cool and incredibly windy. I fit in the old lady group wearing sensible shoes, comfortable denim, and long sleeves. We also all had hair blowing in our faces. (Car shows are not places I recommend wearing sticky lip gloss.) I looked around at the block of cars about four aisles wide and wondered where everyone was. Cupcake explained that since it wasn’t the first weekend of the month, most of the exotics stayed home. At the other weekends I had been to, cars filled up the whole movie theater parking lot. This event mainly seemed to be Corvette City.


American cars occupied most of the lot this weekend. A couple of people drove their Porsches, their MGs, and their BMWs. One Nissan 370Z slid into the parking lot and a Bentley rolled in an hour after the event started. Most of the high dollar cars stayed home. The Corvette section, however, took up a whole corner.

The Z06s are my favorite Corvettes, which I believe makes Cupcake happy. To me, the black detailing looks sharp and the stingray looks sporty. To Cupcake, the Z06 goes incredibly fast. Who needs more than that?


Mr. and Mrs. In-Law own the silver C6 Corvette. Mrs. In-Law drove me to the store in it once while Cupcake planted a mailbox, and we enjoyed riding with the top down in the sunshine. Our hair didn’t even get that messed up by the wind! The blue C7 Stingray Corvette was a beautiful, eye-catching color. I thought it was a Z06 until Cupcake pointed out that the arrow package was different. (The arrow package is the splitter, the spoiler, and other design elements that make the Z06 handle better than any other Corvette.)


Maybe there were more to Corvettes than I realized.

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