Good Guys, Part 1

The official name of the Tennessee Titans’ football stadium changed from ‘LP Field’ to ‘Nissan Stadium’ in 2015. Since I drive a 2007 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Extended Bed truck, Bro drives a 2011 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X truck, and Mama drives a 2011 Nissan Armada (not the LE, for which she is only mildly bitter), the name ‘Nissan Stadium’ doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact, I kind of like it. However, since Cupcake was raised on American muscle cars like the Buick GS, the Pontiac Trans-Am, and the Chevy Camaro, he and Mr. In-Law do not take too kindly to various Nissan redesigns being plastered across their “Titans’ Stadium.”


Picture from Titans Online

The stadium cast a massive shadow on the interstate side of the parking lot as Cupcake, Mr. In-Law, and I bought tickets to the Goodguys Car Show. For mid-May the high was only in the low seventies, and at 10am in the shade, I needed every layer I was wearing. Even my short-sleeved boyfriend admitted a chill.

Mr. In-Law handed me a brightly colored ticket covered in graphics and ads to stuff in my purse as I tripped along behind them towards the first lot of cars. Each lot surrounding the stadium seemed to be devoted to a particular year or brand or type of car, though I never could figure out the pattern. As we looped the first lot in search of their friend from the GS Nationals show, Cupcake and Mr. In-Law stopped at every black Buick or Chevy in the vicinity to stare at the engine and critique any rust. I preferred to scout out the pretty colors. (I was just along for the ride.) Greens always caught my eye first, though the dull forest Chevy lacked any sparkle, and the other green cars tended to lean more towards Military Metal or Peppy Pesto than Granny Smith Apple.

As we passed the entrance into the stadium itself, I looked up and saw a shiny Nissan Titan precariously showcased on a metal shelf. It was definitely not a toy. In fact, the bulbous nose of the truck made it look rather more like a monster than the trim and sporty vehicle that was my Frontier’s big brother. The new nose job made the Titan look practically American. Thus, I could cross the Titan off my potential-new-car-dream-list. Cupcake always suggested that I look at Chevys or GMCs instead, so I figured I could do a little research on American style while I was here.


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