Truck or Nerd Emoji?

For a truck, my Frontier particularly reflects my personality. I love the chrome grille, but it kind of looks like glasses. I love my front license plate, but it kind of looks like buckteeth.

My truck is the equivalent of the nerd emoji… 🤓


I’m not sure I want to admit that my truck is a nerd car. (My brother’s Frontier looks much more athletic.) But perhaps in my attempts to make the truck girlier, I ended up making it nerdier.

Turn it sideways, and the Frontier actually looks like a truck. The extended bed is long and sleek, kind of like my lanky legs. The side mirrors stick out like my ears, and the luggage rack sticks up like my hair. I wonder if this correlation between the looks of a car and the driver has a logic behind it. Are we attracted to cars that oddly represent an aspect of our physical appearance? Or is it just a coincidence? I suppose we’ll learn more as Wednesdays progress.

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