Don’t Say Mustang

The most important piece of advice Cupcake had for me about this blog was quite simply, “Don’t say mustang.” Now, he admits that many car fans appreciate the Mustang and think it is a fine car. He just knows that the first car that people who don’t know anything about cars like to talk about so that they sound like they know something about cars is the Ford Mustang.

To simplify:

People who don’t know about cars talk about the Mustang to impress those who do know about cars.

The people who know about cars are usually not impressed.

So when you are talking to your car person this weekend and trying to show how much you love them by conversing about cars, please, for the sake of your sanity and the longevity of your relationship with this car person, for the sake of the thirty minutes of your life that will be lost while you get lectured on “real cars,” for the sake of your ears, please…



Photo Courtesy of Cupcake (and a random stranger’s car)

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