Kars for Kids and Coppertone

“You’re gonna burn. You’re gonna burn. Hey, you’re gonna burn!”

I had no clue who the woman sitting under the pop-up tent was yelling at, nor did I know if she was referring to the sun or the state of someone’s eternal soul. But the back of my mind had a couple of things to say about her comments. Your skin is burning, it told me. Whether she’s talking to you or not, you need sunscreen! The front of my mind had a couple of good rebuttals. Well, we’re walking away from the car, it replied. We probably won’t be here too much longer. We’re staying in the shade. I’m sure it will be fine.

Then Cupcake spotted a Daytona Coupe pulling into the open field on the other side of the event. So, further into the sunshine we ventured! At noon. When the sun is brightest.


My neck now looks as red as my dress. Please, learn from my mistake and put on sunscreen. Even though the spray stinks and it makes your skin sticky and you feel dirty the rest of the day, at least you won’t be Sebastian from The Little Mermaid for the next month.

Sun aside, Kars for Kids was really cool! Though Cupcake and Mr. In-Law told me how the fundraiser used to take up the whole field in front of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home, the rows of cars that did come last Saturday impressed me. American cars took up the majority of the spaces (thank you, Corvettes and Camaros,) but there were a few really nice foreign cars there, too.

For Daddy’s sake, I’ll mention the Porsches first. Cupcake might have been right that I didn’t know the 1600 Speedster was a Porsche until I saw the symbol, but the gorgeous paint and interior definitely caught my eye. And those styling details are exactly why Daddy and Bro say everyone wants one.

Most of the cars we saw deserve posts all to themselves. I learned the difference between the looks of Corvette generations and their Z06 or Stingray options, where the term “trunk” came from, how certain older cars used metal springs hanging off the bumper to protect whitewall tires, and that you can take a severely rusted 1956 Buick Roadmaster and turn it into a gorgeous car straight out of the movies. All of this, and the money helped provide for the kids living there.

Truly, car people are some of the most charitable people I know.

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