Feeling Antsy

If you don’t have Cupcakes and Mr. In-Laws in your life, you need to go find some right now, because they are wonderful!

Thursday night as the sun was going down, I opened up my truck bed to start loading it with things I wanted to move. After spraying the ants on the cover with the Meguiar’s Quick Detailer that Mr. In-Law kindly gave me to keep in my truck, I realized that a whole colony had decided to build their new home inside my truck bed.



I kind of freaked out.

My friend and I ran through a sketchy drive-through car wash to clean out the worst of the nasty ant colony. (It’s always great when she says “This is exactly how The Purge starts!” as the whirly cleaner things start coming towards your car…) So, my truck was clean enough to drive home, but I still stomped on plenty of ants as I packed up the truck bed with my least-fragile belongings.

Approximately 38 hours after I discovered the ants, I parked in the shade of Cupcake and the In-Laws’ driveway. We then discovered that the ants had gotten into the grooves of the truck bed cover, so Cupcake spent a solid 15 minutes pressure washing every inch where the ants might be hiding. After the pressure washer, Cupcake and Mr. In-Law washed my whole truck so it was no longer covered in the green pollen and bug guts that I had neglected to clean in several months (whoops…)

We let the car dry, and then Cupcake and I headed to Home Depot. Per Mr. In-Law’s instructions, we found ant traps and insecticide to make sure my truck bed was fully debugged. I eagerly watched as the ants ran through the little white bait houses and disappeared several hours later. By the time it was dark out, Mr. In-Law sprayed the worst edges with insecticide. We figured I should be good to go.

Now not only is my car bug-resistant, but it’s shiny and clean as well! Like I said earlier, you need a Cupcake and Mr. In-Law if you don’t have one!

Thank you, Cupcake and Mr. In-Law, for spending the majority of your Saturday making sure my car was clean and comfortable to drive!

Clean Truck

You know a car is clean when the reflection is that clear!

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