I’m writing this blog as a love letter to the men in my family. I grew up around cars but never really understood their appeal. However, when I started dating a car guy, I realized that this obsession with automotive vehicles was never going to leave my life. I needed to learn how to speak car talk.

I don’t pretend to understand the different types of car engines or the feud between American and Foreign cars. I just know my experience. Thus, this blog focuses more on and honoring the car experiences we share. My goal is that we find a middle ground to show our car people that we love them.


This is my family. My bother is the redhead on the left end of the front row. I call him “Bro” and he’s one of my best friends. My other best friend is the bearded fella in the middle of the back row. He’s my boyfriend, and I refer to him as “Cupcake.” I’m standing next to Bro, and on the other side of me is “Mama.” She’s the best and taught me how to communicate with car people even when we’re bored. “Daddy” is on the right end of the back row. He did his best to teach me the finer points of cars and driving. Finally, Cupcake’s parents, “Mr. and Mrs. In-Law,” are on either end of the line-up. They used to race, and they ensure I am always learning something new about cars.

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