MG or Mustache?

Which came first: the MG, or the mustache?


MGs are British, and the car designers clearly had their British heritage in mind when picking chrome bumpers and round headlights. The faces embody every stereotype of British gentlemen.

The chrome bumpers look like perfectly combed mustaches on gentlemen holding a steaming cup of tea. The chrome edging on the headlights makes the cars look like they are wearing wiry little glasses. Even the grilles look like proper British noses.

The red MG seems to be headed straight for the London Eye after slowing down by Big Ben. The green MG, in contrast, drives winding roads until pulling up at the great circular drive of an English manor house. Regardless, these MGs embody all the spirit and dignity of England.


Truck or Nerd Emoji?

For a truck, my Frontier particularly reflects my personality. I love the chrome grille, but it kind of looks like glasses. I love my front license plate, but it kind of looks like buckteeth.

My truck is the equivalent of the nerd emoji… 🤓


I’m not sure I want to admit that my truck is a nerd car. (My brother’s Frontier looks much more athletic.) But perhaps in my attempts to make the truck girlier, I ended up making it nerdier.

Turn it sideways, and the Frontier actually looks like a truck. The extended bed is long and sleek, kind of like my lanky legs. The side mirrors stick out like my ears, and the luggage rack sticks up like my hair. I wonder if this correlation between the looks of a car and the driver has a logic behind it. Are we attracted to cars that oddly represent an aspect of our physical appearance? Or is it just a coincidence? I suppose we’ll learn more as Wednesdays progress.