New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show ended last week. One car many people were excited about was the Rimac Concept One.


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Road and Track discussed the rare car that they found visiting the New York Auto Show. The electric hypercar goes insanely fast; Road and Track says the car can get to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds and that the top speed is 220 mph. Not only standing out in looks, the technology used to build the car makes my head spin. You should definitely check out the Road and Track article to learn more about the shocking new car.


Dodge Demon

Dodge has released their new edition for the Challenger: the Demon.

Dodge Demon–RoadAndTrack

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Even Bro, who far prefers exotic foreign cars and the Porsche 918, talked about this Dodge Demon all weekend. Of course, Cupcake was already aware of this Challenger’s new features. It’s a muscle car that any car guy can get excited about.

Most excitingly, the Demon can do a wheelie. A wheelie. The car is designed for drag racing, and they included all sorts of random features to make that quarter-mile unbelievable. In addition to its wheelie capabilities, the car’s 0-60 time beat records for exotic cars that are far more expensive. The car potentially beats the Tesla Model S, which Motortrend  had already labeled the fastest accelerating car.

All in all, car people are very impressed. As Bro says, it’s a toy. It brings out the kid in all of us.

Reformed Rust

An interesting trend I have noticed at local car shows is painting old cars to look like they are rusted without actually being rusted. My favorites are painted teal with reddish brown edges.


It’s really a fascinating technique. If you look closely, you can see layers upon layers of purples, reds, oranges, and browns. Even the teal has multiple layers of darker and lighter shades.


This particular truck even tricked out the interior entirely in denim! You can see the jeans pockets on the seats and the roof.


Whether you think rust is the worst thing ever or a really cool look, the amount of time and effort that people invest in these pretend-rust cars calls for respect. It’s truly an impressive art.